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British Heart Foundation
"Where the Heart is" is affiliated to the B.H.F.
Churchdown Surgery
Great Western Air Ambulance
Interesting fact: Gloucestershire is covered by Great Western Air Ambulance & not West Midlands Air Ambulance.
Standbrook Guides LTD
Local resident's handbook for Tewkesbury.  Quick & easy access to your local businesses & organisations
Gloucestershire Portal
The oldest & complete Gloucestershire Site Directory.  Lists 6,000 local websites including ours!
Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise DVD


The benefits of regular exercise are well documented but for various reasons 50% of people drop out of fitness programmes within the 1st 6mths.  The development of an exercise DVD is a new, flexible approach to help patients with CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) maintain a life-long active life style.
An exercise DVD has been produced with a collaboration between Glos. Hospitals NHSFT, University of Glos., with funding provided by local Glos. Rotary Clubs.
This DVD provides a home-based option for exercise and is based on guidance set by the British Assoc. for Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR)
Now available from: www.ennovations.co.uk
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